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Joe Grose has been involved in the Wagyu industry for over twenty-five years owning and operating a Wagyu breeding herd enterprise in Queensland, Australia. His involvement in the industry has extended to being both a board member and President of the Australian Wagyu Association (AWA).

Graduating from the University of Queensland in Brisbane with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Joe spent his early years focusing  on consulting to the dairy and pig industries; two industries which rely on the collection of objective data on inputs and outputs to make informed operating and financial decisions.

Joe Grose speaking at AWA with ProfessorThis ignited an interest, to operate a livestock venture and a product that provided price differentiation in the marketplace was sought. Hence, Joe’s decision to breed Wagyu cattle which provide an increase in gross margin per hectare due to a higher value product that has similar input costs to traditional beef production. 

In 1997, Joe purchased imported Wagyu weaner heifers, that were progeny of the Japanese breeder Shogo Takeda from Hokkaido prefecture in northern Japan. These were some of the first full-blood cattle to be imported into Australia. From these heifers, Joe has built a highly respected commercial Wagyu herd.

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Over the years Joe has developed a passion for genetic evaluation and improvement. He is dedicated to using technically sound scientific methodologies with the Wagyu industry.

He has actively pursued researching and developing his breeding herd by using the statistical tool, Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) as a technique for estimating the genetic merit of traits of interest for an individual animal whilst accounting for non-genetic (environmental) effects.

Joe has always been highly conscious of the impact that livestock operations and his management decisions has on productivity, profitability and importantly, sustainability.

In recent years his company, 3D Genetics, developed one of Australia’s most innovative SMART farms at Inverell, on the northern tablelands of New South Wales, ‘Pukawidgi’.

Pukawidgi has been developed to maximise the efficiency of livestock and farming operations whilst minimising the impact of uncontrollable factors such as droughts. Its development always ensures available feed and water to ensure the livestock herd is never compromised. This is assisted using satellite imagery to assist with pasture management, adequate infrastructure to preserve water and fodder, and exceptional animal health and livestock nutrition practices.

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3D Genetics bulls are licenced to quality Wagyu operators traversing the entire length of eastern Australia and recently this been extended to include clients in Western Australia.

3D Genetics is presently undertaking a large progeny test with our Wagyu bulls, joining more than 10,000 commercial breeding cows per year. The resultant Wagyu and Wagyu X progeny are followed through the production system to enable quality carcase data flow through to the genetic analysis to continually improve the genetic traits of the 3D Genetics herd.