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Genetic Testing, Progeny Testing

QGI undertakes all necessary testing of all their bulls to ensure their product is eligible for global distribution.  


Our Program

All sires selected by QGI are undergoing a structured progeny test program run across all four of the director’s nucleus herds.

This involves using straws from their bulls in parallel with a known high-performance sire.

They will be used across a single herd and the progeny will be tracked all the way through to detailed carcase analysis. 

The progeny tests programs include a special focus on contemporary group structure, objective carcase image data and the use of highly accurate and well-known industry benchmark sires.

A further component of the progeny test will be an assessment of feed intake/efficiency data.


Our Testing

The following tests have been completed on all bulls: 

  • IRARS Disorder
  • Spherocystosis (B3)
  • Chediak Higashi Syndrome (CHS)
  • Claudin 16 Deficiency (CL16)
  • Factor XI deficiency (F11)
  • Factor XIII (F13)
  • Stearoyl CoA Desaturase (SCD Fat Test)
  • Tenderness: Neogen Ingenity Tenderness DNA Test

The team at QGI are using genetics from these bulls in their own herds to validate the index values supplied by the Australian Wagyu Association. 

IARS Disorder results in a high frequency of death in affected calves within the last few weeks of gestation or first few days of life. DNA testing can now be performed for Japanese Black Wagyu through the Australian Wagyu Association to enable management of the IARS genetic condition.