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Born and Raised in the Hunter Valley of NSW Australia, Peter grew up on the land helping run the family Hereford Stud (Wootton Polled Herefords) for 25 years. Working off farm on Merino and Santa Gertrudis Studs owned by the Armstrong family and Tywnam Pastoral Company he gained experience in corporate agriculture and sound family business practices.

Educated to a tertiary level in Agricultural Management, Peter applied his learnings on to the family business, which could be said as sometimes reluctantly received! Not long after this, their business had a fundamental change in direction due to small margins in Hereford cattle. This led to investing in Wagyu Cattle in 1996 and founding his family stud Kuro Kin Wagyu.

For 20 years they exported cattle to Japan and New Zealand as well as moving genetics all around Australia. Kuro Kin Wagyu turned off 1200 F1’s annually and sold about 80 Bulls annually.

Peter & Philippa Bishop, owners of Bishop Wagyu

Peter was on the AWA Board as Treasurer from 2005 - 2012.

Board member of the RLBP and LLS from 2005 - 2016 in the Hunter Valley and Central West.

In 2015/16 Kuro Kin Wagyu was sold, Peter, Philippa, and their 3 boys worked for the new owners helping set up their new business before moving to Cowra NSW, where they have since established Bishop Wagyu. 

At Bishop Wagyu, they apply all the lessons learnt in the 25 years of producing Wagyu to their new business, to make sure their level of excellence in the industry is maintained. 

For these reasons, Peter has been fortunate to meet great friends like Michael, Brian and Joe along the Wagyu Journey.

QGI has been formed based on their combined 80-year experience of breeding Wagyu to enable access to and utilisation of the world’s best Wagyu genetics, making it available to the rest of the Wagyu industry.